La Alamandas

Good, bad, or indifferent –  I got into the habit of going somewhere every year for a long weekend to celebrate my birthday. No stranger to jetting off to Paris for a weekend, this time around I wanted to be close to home and limit the flight to just a couple of hours. I ended at Las Alamandas.   Located between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo the resort is accessible by car (approximately two hours) or by private plane (the resort has a landing strip). Completely unique and exclusive Las Alamandas is isolated from the big tourist areas, small and very private. A stunner!!!! An oasis of relaxation, you really feel like you are the only person there.

I felt right at home at Las Alamandas. The resort is right on the beach and set on 1500 acres of pristine wild terrain including four stunning private beaches, 2 lakes, a river, vegetable gardens, hiking, riding, and cycling trails. The private beaches can be set aside and reserved just for you. A perfect place for romance and privacy. Totally disconnected (even from technology) on purpose so you can just rest and unwind.

With two open-air restaurants by the ocean and a rooftop bar, most food served comes from the hotel’s gardens and orchards. The food is simple, fresh and delicious, not to mention the excellent and attentive service. No wonder staff of 86 looks up for 17 rooms!!!

If you want a luxurious resort, the ability to relax and the urge to explore, Las Alamandas has it all and it all kept deliciously secret.

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