Alexis Jaffer

Travel Designer

Alexis was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida and now resides full-time in Joshua Tree, California. She approaches travel planning with a unique perspective combining her passion for culture and technology – her goal is to ease the planning process at all stages for her clients! Having had the opportunity over the past decade to work for some of the most prestigious travel agencies in Los Angeles; Alexis has found her niche in high-end leisure and family travel.

Specializing in complicated multi-destination and multi-generational travel, Alexis leverages her experience plus the latest technology to ensure every single detail is expertly executed. Through her affiliation with TerryB, she is able to offer competitive rates and exclusive value-added amenities at hotels & resorts around the world. With direct access to the airline reservation systems (GDS), you never need to wait on hold with another airline again. Experience the best way to plan your next adventure!